The following is the National Factbook of the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall. This information is up to date as of the date posted at the bottom. On occassion, some information may be missing, this is due to pending Censuses or other such things.


Head(s) of State: Emperor & High King Thomas I & Empress and High Queen Laura.

Head of Government: Princess Kendall, Chancellor of Hrafnarfjall

Capital: Hrafn Mýrar

Tricameral Advisory Legislature consisting of;
The Imperial Council (Seats not fixed),
The Imperial Cabinet (Current seats at 1 + 6)
The Imperial Diet (Seats not fixed).

Judiciary: Supreme Court (Consists of the Crown plus appointed Justices.)


Area: To be revised.

Hrafn Mýrar, Little Bad Falls, Freyasgarðr, Ilus and Raven’s Loft – Humid Continental Climate, with a prevailing westerly wind.
Heimaland, Suðreyjar, Cornovii and Chesapeake & Vorxashan – Temperate Oceanic Climate, with a prevailing South-west wind.
Appalachia, Njordland, Hestrvatn and UlvDal – Humid Subtropical Climate, with a prevailing westerly wind.
Griðastaður and The Eyrie – Oceanic Subtropical Highland, with a prevailing westerly wind.
Phokland – Ice Cap Climate with a prevailing easterly wind.

Natural Resources:
Arable Land, Clay, Lumber.


Gross Domestic Product: To be announced.

Exports: Agricultural Produce, Hay, Digital Products.

People & Society

Citizenship: 48

Citizenship Growth: To be announced.

Ethnicity: To be announced.

Language: To be announced.

Religion: To be announced.

As of September 2020