The Council of Ministers comprises of the three Ministers of Hrafnarfjall, along with the Chancellor. The three ministers are the Minister for Home Affairs, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister for Interior Affairs, with the Minister for Interior Affairs currently vacant. They are responsible for the management of assigned aspects of the Hrafnarfjallian Government, and all report to the Chancellor and Crown.

Home SecretaryForeign Secretary
Her Highness, Viceroy Kendall of Freyasgarðr, Viceroy of Vötnin, Duchess of Freyasgarðr, Chancellor of Hrafnarfjall, Home Secretary of Hrafnarfjall.Her Imperial and Serene Highness, Princess Emerald, Princess of Appalachia, Princess of Hrafnarfjall, Duchess of Hrafnarfjall
Tenure: June 2018 – PresentTenure:Founding – Present