The Keisaraskápur (Imperial Cabinet) comprises of the five Ministers of Hrafnarfjall, and is lead by the Chancellor. The six ministers are the Minister for Home Affairs, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Minister for Interior Affairs, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of National Security and the Minister of the Imperial Household. They are responsible for the management of assigned aspects of the Hrafnarfjallian Government, and all report to the Chancellor and Crown.

Her Imperial and Royal Highness, Princess Kendall, Princess of Hrafnarfjall, Grand Duchess of Vötnin, Duchess of Freyasgarðr
Tenure: June 2018 – Present
Home SecretaryForeign Secretary
Her Imperial and Royal Majesty, Princess Devon, Princess of HrafnarfjallHer Imperial and Royal Majesty, Empress Laura, Empress of the North Sea, High Queen of Hrafnarfjall
Tenure:July 2020 – PresentTenure:July 2020 – Present