The Government of Hrafnarfjall current consists of the following;

  • Crown of Hrafnarfjall
  • The Keisaralöggjafinn (Imperial Legislature), which is made up of;
    • The Keisararáð (Imperial Council).
    • The Keisaraskápur (Imperial Cabinet), lead by the Chancellor.
    • The Keisarafæði (Imperial Diet), lead by the Speaker of the Diet.

The three bodies are responsible for assisting in the production of, and recommending legislation to the Crown.

These bodies hold no legislative powers but may make recommendations to the Crown for the development of Legislation. The Cabinet is responsible for the Day to day administration of the Kingdom, and is lead by the Chancellor.

For more information on the Chancellor, please head to Chancellor of Hrafnarfjall.

For more information on the Keisaraskápur (Imperial Cabinet), please head to Cabinet.

For more information on our Foreign Service, please head to Foreign Office.