Hrafnarfjall, officially the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall, is an autonomous territorial entity which claims to be a sovereign state, aiming for independence, which may be also referred to as an unrecognised nation.

Formation of the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall

The Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall was formed on 14 May 2016 by now-King Thomas and Queen Laura sitting alongside other members as part of a Council. The Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall began thus as a Council Ruled country and as an attempted Democracy. However, in its first two years of existence, the Kingdom only developed a weak foundation, and any development overall was slow and stunted due to some of its original citizens taking advantage of the Democratic process in a negative manner. Then, at the dawn of 2018, the monarchy formed as the Reign of King Thomas and Queen Laura began. Those citizens who had stunted the country’s growth prior were expelled. Development has exploded since, with 130 members following on Facebook and 55 e-citizens, including many landed States. Finally, with other nations desiring to join in alliance, The Confederation of the Raven was formed in 2018, but was quickly reestablished as the North Sea Empire The establishment is planned for early 2019 in the area referred to as Minnesota.

The Reign of King Thomas I and Queen Laura

At the dawn of 2018, the Monarchy was formed under the rule of King Thomas I as Sovereign and Queen Laura as Consort.

In June 2018, the Monarchy announced the selection of an Heir-Presumptive to the Throne of Hrafnarfjall, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Evan Bainbridge, whom will be Heir until such time as the King and Queen have children, at which time Hrafnarfjall’s Absolute Primogeniture laws will come into effect. Furthermore, they announced the formation of four new Noble Titles;

  • The Duchy of Úlfból (Wolf’s Lair) conferred upon His Royal Majesty, King Thomas
  • The Duchy of Villi-Eldr (Wildfire) conferred upon Her Royal Majesty, Queen Laura
  • The Duchy of Jǫtunnhöll (Giant’s Hall) conferred upon His Royal Highness, Prince Evan
  • The County of Ormrdrepa (Snake Strike) conferred upon The Right Honorable Lady Beverley Bainbridge

Plus, established a new Principality, the Principality of Veðrkar

On 27 July 2018, the Crown announced they had accepted vassalage of Aidan Haldorson, and announced him as Jarl of the Raven’s Loft, adding his lands to the territory of the Kingdom.

On 8 December 2018, the King’s adoptive sister, Sophia, formally accepted the title of Princess.

On 21 December 2018, the Crown granted Duchy to current Jarl Aidan Haldorson, the Duchy of Raven’s Loft, and granted a Barony to Baroness Raywyn, the Eyrie.