Welcome to the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall, an autonomous territorial entity which claims to be a sovereign state, aiming for independence, which may be also referred to as an unrecognised nation that was founded in 2016 by Emperor and High King Thomas I (Tómas I Keisari og Hákóngur) and Empress and High Queen Laura (Laura Keisaraynja og Hádrottning) and declared sovereignty in 2016.  It’s Capital, Raven’s Marsh (Hrafn Mýrar), follows the Old Norse ways and is based on a 40 acre homestead in Minnesota. We invite you to explore and learn a little more about the Kingdom, it’s territories, and the people behind the Kingdom.

If you wish to know more, please start at the About Hrafnarfjall section. If you wish to apply for Citizenship, please head to Citizenship and Immigration